Galliard (Group) Limited

On 24 July 2015, Oxley completed the acquisition of a 20% stake in the enlarged share capital of Galliard (Group) Limited, a leading UK developer in the UK. Founded in 1992, Galliard Group has played a key role in London’s transformation, directing at regenerating, rejuvenating and reinventing the city. This includes a portfolio of over 7,000 residential units and hotel suites plus about 685,000 sqft of commercial floor space across London and southern England, with an additional over 7,700 units subject to planning approval. The Galliard Group business comprises four business divisions, namely, (a) Galliard Homes which undertakes sales and marketing for the Galliard Group’s portfolio of homes, (b) Galliard Construction which handles commercial, residential and mixed-use developments, and construction for joint venture projects and third party developments, (c) Galliard Commercial which develops hotels, commercial and retail premises, and undertakes joint venture projects and third party work, and (d) Galliard Homes Letting (in partnership with Life Residential) which handles tenancy and re-sale transactions operating from 13 London branches with Investor relation offices located in Singapore, Hong Kong and Cape Town and currently letting and managing over 3,500 London apartments for Investors in over 50 countries worldwide with Sales transactions amounting to £200,000,000 per annum.