Our Story

Pursuing diversity and dynamism in every development.

Oxley Holdings Limited (“Oxley” or “the Group”) is a home-grown property developer with a diversified portfolio including property development, property investment and project management. Oxley is listed on the Main Board of the SGX-ST.

The Group currently has a business presence across six geographical markets including Singapore, the United Kingdom (the “UK”), Ireland, Cambodia, Malaysia and the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”). The Group specialises in the development of quality residential, commercial, industrial and hospitality projects.

Since Oxley’s incorporation in March 2010, the Group has launched a portfolio of 51 projects, and completed 40 projects across various countries, demonstrating its comprehensive execution capabilities.

In 2008, with more than a decade of experience in the property and construction industry, Oxley’s founder Mr Ching Chiat Kwong spotted a gap in the market that needed to be filled. He observed that there was an increasing demand for affordable private residential properties amongst young working adults – piqued by an innate desire for a more sophisticated and vibrant lifestyle.

By then, Mr Ching had successfully developed and launched more than 13 property development projects in Singapore, all of which were fully sold within three months of their respective launches.

In mid-2009, Mr Ching, together with current Deputy CEO Mr Eric Low See Ching, as well as substantial shareholder Mr Tee Wee Sien, entered into a joint-venture to develop properties that would impact the industry. This partnership enabled them to leverage on each other’s financial resources and expertise. Oxley Holdings Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore on 16 March 2010 as a private company limited by shares. On 13 October 2010, the Company was converted to a public company limited by shares and subsequently renamed “Oxley Holdings Limited”.

Oxley Holdings Limited was listed on SGX Catalist in October 2010, and made its transfer of listing to the SGX Mainboard in February 2013.

Oxley’s success has been attributed to its keen sense of judgement paired with astute foresight. Spotting development trends is an integral aspect of the Group’s work process. Having pioneered the concept of the shoebox apartment wave and swanky business hubs, what now solidifies its reputation and presence both locally and overseas is the boldness that influences and fuels each project.

Key examples of Oxley’s choice developments include Royal Wharf, a waterfront township development in London, The Peak and The Bridge, two mixed-use developments in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, as well as Dublin Landings, the largest mixed-use development in the business district of Dublin, Ireland.

The Group’s willingness to venture out of its comfort zone and its determination never to rest on its laurels have brought it where it is today. Beyond its commercial success however, Oxley is keenly focused on nurturing employees and giving back to the community. As what Mr Ching would say, “Development is about changing the landscape of towns and building communities. Through thoughtful development, we want to create an environment that allows people to build their dreams”.